taking one for the team

women all around the world read blogs every day. and every day most women compare themselves to the perfect world contained within each post. handsome husband. beautiful children. gorgeous custom home. high retail clothing and shoes. adopted children from ethiopa. you know, fairy tales.

well, not today my friends. today i am going to dispel the myth on this blog that i've got it going on. that i am a good mom, wife and neighbor. i'm going to share the dirty awful truth...

i'm a slob.

yup, total and complete one at that. poor ty didn't know what he was getting into when he drove me away from the ceremony. and to make it even worse? his mother is practically martha stewart (but not in the fraudulent way). perfectly clean home. dinner every night. uniforms washed and pressed. and bonus! my mom is clean, so he thought that, of course, his bride would be too.

he was wrong.

but, i am learning. and trying. and learning. and trying. and i'm going to throw myself in front of the bus by showing you a before and after.  you're going to take one look and feel a million times better about yourself. and i think you all deserve that this weekend.
 there are no words for this disaster. the bins were bought a year ago in an attempt to corral the clutter. we obviously still had issues though. like, check out my girls' mad book stacking skills. and the light bright in the polly and pony bin. they can sort like it's their job! i spent over an hour putting together puzzles and trying to find missing pieces. america is still missing south dakota and north carolina. no one really needs to know those ones though right?

so obivously, we got rid of a lot of things. and i still have to sort through a majority of the bins. but oh my goodness, we can breathe again. and the girls are putting things away. and i didn't threaten their lives with horrible food for a month if they didn't pick up last night. we are making progress. (we'll see how this looks in a month). i still have to label the ballet costume box and extra book box. but hey, it's a little better. and i'm sure some left brained mom is going to see this and say, "pshaw! you call that organized? disgusting."  it's cool. i can do a triple pirourette. can you?

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McKay said...

I'm the same way. I'm very unorganized, and I'm trying my best to change that. It sure is hard with little ones though!

Oh, and I can do a triple pirouete too! :)

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