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moonrise kindgdom is finally playing in vegas. i want to surprise ty next week and take him there on a date. (he hardly reads this blog so i'm not worried about ruining the surprise)

ty build the dvd shelf last week, and i put a new picture collection on the empty wall. now i feel like we moved into a different house. no more cords dangling down! no standing up to use the remote. it's wonderful. except rodney can reach that bottom frame in his play pen. drats.

we have been working hard on the laundry room. and i mean hard. we can see a light at the end of the tunnel and are very pleased with the result. after 2 years of living here and slowly changing things around, the laundry room is almost there! it actually already  looks so nice i don't know what to think about it.  check out the new wallpaper and crown molding (fancy pants!).
*looking at this picture is definitely worth a thousand words to me. i'm have to blog about the process. because wallpapering is a total beast.

bill and mel moved this weekend and i wish i could have been there to help. i'm sad i'll never visit the Rosharon house again. but i'm happy it's not me moving, i hate moving almost as much as i hate packing.

we've been spending lots of time with heather sherwood and her family as they visit for a few weeks before moving to Japan. yes, JAPAN. that girl is amazing and is an awesome momma too. i'm saving up my zumba money to go visit her next year (whether she wants me to or not doesn't really matter!).

because our joyschool group is so awesome, we just had graduation. mallory couldn't make it that day, but the girls were happy to wear hats and eat cake. sounds simple enough to me.

i have girls night about every month at our house. it's just my neighbor friends from the ward and we have way too much fun. everyone comes and we've never ended before midnight. ever. we are just wild and crazy aren't we?! it's nice to sit down together with out kids and just laugh till we pee our pants.

i was a little sad to hear about nora ephron passing. i think heaven just got a little funnier. i completely enjoyed this article by tom hanks. besides loving all of her movies, when i read her books i feel more purpose in my life. remember this?  my new goal in life is to be the mormon nora ephron. wouldn't that be awesome?


Christian Jones said...

Yes! I'm totally obsessed with your laundry room wallpaper....and the light....and the ceiling....I think you must share more pictures.

Jordan and Jandee said...

yes that last comment was me -- accidentally posting from my b.i.l.'s username

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