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we've really been enjoying these fish tacos lately. fyi: ty had never eaten fish tacos before...ever.

interesting article on mormons by an ex-mormon.

thanks to my sister in law melanie, i've found the perfect summer shoe for busy moms.

i haven't followed a tv  series since bedrest with baby #3, but i'm love this year. 3 ballet dancers. THREE! and with my dvr i can easily skip all commercials. boo. yeah.

probably the best cooking tip of all time. throw away your forks ladies. *it really works!

i still take these prenatals every day. these ones have changed my life, no joke. i will take them till the day i die. they even sell them here at our local health store (they're on sale too. hurry!).

ty is a scoutmaster and needs donations for all the local troops. not money though! he needs bmx bikes for scout camp in a week! they can either be lent or donated. please help! email me at anniecleavittatgmaildotcom.

free personality test. hit me right on the mark. waiting for ty to try it out. hehehe.

my favorite male dancer on sytycd  series this year (besides the ballet dancers) is a animation dancer named cyrus.
the same name as my Great Grandpa Gold.

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