the trip according to the kids

the second day of our trip i was exhausted and handed the camera over to phoebe (phoebe!) when she wouldn't stop whining about it. but in my defense, she was whining about it right in front of the sister missionaries i was talking to from russia and i just wanted her to clam up.  in case you ever need any parenting advice, just ask me. i'm pretty awesome.  abby and her took turns the rest of the day.
 but...i'm so glad i did. look at the pictures they took.
 amazing and captured moments i never would have thought of.
 the temple was going through some renovations and the round windows were open on the south side.
 in all her running away from me glory

 i've always wanted pictures of me from behind, thanks abby.

 a mighty miracle occurred after temple square, ty was so inspired he bought new dress pants!
ty, in a store, in a dressing room, trying on clothes? something i've never witnessed before in my life.

 this is our travel/disneyland stroller. it looks awful, but works wonderfully. 
 we totally terrorized the macy's in the old zcmi building. 

fyi, city creek was pretty neat, even if you don't buy anything besides mens church pants. but the coolest part of it? running into our friends the Hassells all the way from Arkansas! what are the odds?   i love running into people randomly, but the best part is when they are your close friends and you chat fro 20 minutes and feel like you picked up right where you left off. that's the hassells to us, great friends. we can't wait till they move back west (hint hint martin!).

the rest of the night was spent at the Shields' house as they graciously fed us dinner. they were probably sick and tired of us as the kids played for 4 hours. four hours and not one fight (at least to my knowledge).  thursday was a blessed day.

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Keshia Phill said...

cute pictures, Annie!
Ummm....I'm mad at you. Why? Because I just spent way too much time reading your blog instead of cleaning...oops. Don't tell Shannon! :)

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