14 months

and we have a winner! rodney beat the leavitt walking record by a month. our earliest walkers were abby and phoebe coming in at 15 months. our latest walker was lucy at a whopping 17 months.  i admit, i like it when they don't walk. so no encouragement has been involved, unless you count grandparents. somehow they all want my kids to crawl and walk early. gagh!

anyways, rodney has been pretty cautious about the whole walking movement thing. if he even senses the slightest imbalance he sits down. he has zero tolerance for falling. yesterday and the day before he walked around with the broom, like a cane! it was hilarious. he did a lot of toddling today with and without the broom. our little man is a walker.

he also has been jib jabbering a lot lately. his new words are:

baball- baseball
sh*%- fish  (idk why, but that's what it sounds like)
babba- abby
cat- cat!
coko- cookie
boppa- grandma and grandpa (he called every white haired person in costco boppa! this week)

and more importantly, when he wakes up in the morning and from naps he looks like alfalfa. no joke. i did not touch his hair at all. *don't mind the saturday morning photos. i am being brave sharing these.

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Becky J. said...

That Wodney is too cute! We drove by Logandale twice this summer on the 15 and waved to you both times from the freeway. Someday we'll have to actually take the exit and come see you! Miss your face!

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