a funny story

summer of 1997 i hiked the pacific rim trail with my young women's group in church. 3 nights, 4 days, hike it in, hike it out.  it was bliss, and one of the things i look forward to doing once all the kids are doing algebra.

anyways, my group of friends and i liked to hike fast, because the sooner you got to the top, the longer you could rest. so we are awhile ahead of the group and hit a trailmarker. it was faded, but vertically it read,


"nobikus?" i asked, that's not our next stop.  so someone get's out the map. "Nobikus, nobikus, there is no nobikus on here."  oh crap, we are lost i thought. a few long minutes later someone brilliant stepped back and said,

"you guys, it says NO BIKES."

*this story is a lot funnier when you tell it in person.

another funny story is in 3rd grade i was walking home from school and feeling a little gassy. so i tooted, except it wasn't a toot.

longest walk home ever.

i can't believe i just wrote that on my blog. i hope you all are laughing now.

**in my defense this was before i discovered that dairy hates me.

***PS rodney is ALMOST walking. i mean, so close. he can totally do it but lacks inner confidence. i guess i need to up the pep talk around here.

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Anonymous said...

Don't let the awkward silence scare you. I laughed and thought you were brave!

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