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one of the things ty and i tend to disagree on is what/when/how much tv the kids watch.

i'm way on the right side, PG movies tend to have either too much violence, potty humor or sexual messages.  so i'm safe with G. ty lets them watch cartoons that i think are way beyond their maturity level.  he thinks it doesn't make a big difference, i disagree 100%.

one of the tests to know if they are old enough to be watching something is ask them what is happening in the movie, if they can't explain it, they are in over their head. (from my experience)

that being said, i have to put a plug in on why we love our Direct TV sattelite (and no, i'm not getting paid for this).  the parental controls are top notch and much more precise than Dish satellite (those are the two options in our little town).  if we didn't watch so much baseball i would be happy with other options, but we are baseball fans so that is that.  i can choose what channels to be seen on our Guide, meaning, no one sees the x-rated and questionable stations...ever. i also cut out disney channel and disney family because their commercials and shows are horrific ( i told you i'm way anal about this stuff). but, with Direct tv there are no commercials! We record all of our shows ahead of time and the kids pick out what to watch from the list. (It's like a control freak's dream!)  The girls even know how to fast forward through the commercials, for example the olympics, we recorded all of them and watched them the next day, commercial free! They also chose to fast forward past such events as wrestling and discus.  Heavenly.  I can set the violence, sexuality and language limits on ALL tv shows, movies and payperview.  Each can be different and if they accidentally pick something weird, it is a blank screen that just says this show exceeds your limits and is blocked.

But wait, it gets better! You can put time limits on how much and what hours they can watch it. No one can sneak out in the middle of the night to watch. Ours starts at 9am and ends at midnight, but I have the hours set differently for weekends and sundays.  We had DISH before, but I am much happier with Direct Tv for both their parental controls and their customer service.

If you are interested in it, I can also get you $100 off you first year. Yup, 100 DOLLARS!

Just call 877-731-8456 to switch to DIRECTV. 
And give them:
 this account number (70548251).

(this is a little bit of a shameless plug because i get $100 off too if you sign up. But, for reals, if you watch sports, this is the way to go. Honestly.) 

*if you already have direct tv and are interested in upping your protection factor. call them! 

1 (866) 352 2106

they will gladly walk you through the steps of setting up parental locks. it's also on the menu...but you know, some people need hand holding. 

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Vyanca said...

I was planning on switching to Direct TV when we move to Boulder City next week. I will give them your account number!

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