oh my, look what i found

i finally cleaned out the living room from my "organizing attempt". yikes.
anyways, look at these beauties i found stuffed in  a box.
 girls camp '97. ashley rodriguez, me, amber mccombs, teresa challis
 freshman year of college.  helaman halls. what a doofus i was.
1994? mom, me, sarah
Brigham Young Home in St. George, UT  
in middle school i wore vans, high socks and diy cut-off jeans. i also listened to nirvana a lot and let my friends cut my hair (ahem, lauren cooper). don't let your friends cut your hair.

 january 11, 2007, abby leigh in the NICU
summer 2006, ty and baby lucy

there are so many more...especially of me with frizzy hair eating desserts. i know you can hardly wait.

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my name is becky kelly said...

i'm on the edge of my seat!

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