seen and heard

on the phone yesterday,

"hey! guess what?" - ty
"i don't know, what?"- me
"travis said they are making a new Red Dawn!"- ty
"whaaaahahahat? are you serious!" (i feign excitement to keep him happy)
"serious, look it up"- ty (we don't have smart phones)
"Red Dawn, November 2012 baby!"- me
"yeah! and it's got the Thor guy in it so you'll like it"-ty
"oh yes!"- me

we are so weird. ty couldn't believe i had never watched Red Dawn when we were married. so we bought it for $3 at walmart. OH MY GOODNESS. i don't feel like i missed out. but we just make fun of it and call each other Wolverines all the time from scrubs.

but Thor without the blonde long hair and accent? Doesn't sound too appealing anymore.


Lisa Powell said...

Annie, This is Lisa Terril Powell aka, STALKER lol. I love your blog. You are so funny and so open and honest. The stories about you and Ty are so spot on for situations I think old and young married people can relate to "i feign excitement to keep him happy", I am 48 yrs old and I think we all still do that when we love our spouse. Your kids are hilarious. I hope you will always keep your blog public, you really are breaking life down to whats important. You are wise beyond your years. Thank you for the entertainment.

Cathy said...

Oh, I love Red Dawn! Probably because I was a pre-teen when it first came out (and probably shouldn't have been watching it but I have a big sister and I'll just blame her). All those hottie Wolverines. Patrick Swayze. Charlie Sheen (before he was creepy weird). C. Thomas Howell. Ahh.

The Good Ol Days said...

Annie!! Oh my gosh, I am laughing out loud! Chase and I had almost the same conversation on Sunday. Chase made me watch this "amazing" movi with him via Netflix that night. Lets just say I started sneaking my book about 20 minutes in. Now Chase is on a survival kick trying to prepare for when Chinease come:) and trying to figure out how he can buy and old chevy step-side with a roll bar!

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