Stinky and awesome

Things that stink:
Tile: I'm positive that a man with no children invented tile. Seriously, little grout lines that cn collect grime and gunk? And everything that falls will break, and I mean everything.  We've almost broken every dish we've ever owned. Rodney drops something daily, and last night my favorite serving dish shattered and sliced open my foot.

Stress: stress is awful and I know I need to relax more. Just thinking about how I need to avoid stress makes me stressed.

Injuries: phoebe slipped and fell after the tub with her towel on and split her chin right open ON OUR TILE.

Stitches: we've now had two kids in 4 weeks get them. I'd like a break, thank you.

Flour: you guys, I just can't stop eating flour. I cut out refined white sugar, and I know I have to cut out white flour, but but but but but, oh! I just cringe to think of letting it go.  Our friends the Bledsoe family grew their own wheat, and Laura is threshing it by hand. I read that after a week of threshing she still didn't have enough flour for a loaf of bread. Oh my, we eat way too much bread these days.

Things that are awesome:

Urgent cares that are open till 8pm.

GrEat grandma Joyce, she is my favorite neighbor and she knows why. Thanks Joyce! 

Jenni: our babysitter, poor girl. I use and abuse her. But thankfully she keeps loving my kids to pieces.

Going to bed: I love our bed, and I love that I can try and have a better day tomorrow.

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Cathy said...

Can I just tell you once again that your blog is a little breath of fresh air? It is. I can't eat bread anymore because I have no self control around it. I cannot be trusted. After 2 years I kind of don't even miss it.

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