seen and heard: the glue song

"mom, i learned a new song today. do you want to hear it?"- abby
"sure" (not really paying attention)
and then the cutest little kindergarten voice starts singing oh so gently:

a little bit of glue holds a lot!
a little bit of glue holds a lot!
don't taste it, don't wear it
don't smear it, don't waste it,
a little bit of glue holds a lot.

does it get any sweeter than this?  i love our afternoons alone together. we have plenty of time to talk, do her homework and look at all that she made for the day cuz the other crazy monkeys are napping!  she loves her teacher (and so do we) and she loves her class and she LOVES SCHOOL!

 waiting for the bus
4 days old

but, she doesn't love the bus. and since i've never been able to tell abby no (how could you really?), i've arranged a carpool so she doesn't have to ride home for an HOUR EVERY DAY. are you kidding me? an hour and ten minutes was how long it took on monday and tuesday. bah.

*i just found this old video. the girls are so tiny, i can't believe it.

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