thinking thursday

i never knew that i was wearing mom jeans.

i'm teaching the lesson on Sunday. it's a good one.

18 days till school starts. lucy is already nervous about her back to school outfit and a new backpack. they received their letters in the mail of whom their teachers are and the excitement has begun. poor lucy though, her best friends are all in a different class.

rodney and phoebe both had runny noses this week, which i completely dismissed. now i'm feeling the sickies and feel guilty for getting mad that they both were so needy. head cold in the summer? blah!

abby's stitches are healing nicely, but it's hard keeping them away from the sunlight when you live in h@#$.  so if you see a large bandaid on her head, it was my last resort.

phoebe started crawling out of her crib ages ago...remember this? but we fought the fight, and ty invented "phoebe's house". for naptime and bedtime we lay a quilt over the top of her crib. i think ty told her something about it because she said, "phoebe's howus makes me happy!"  it's like her own little cocoon. thank goodness it worked. she only crawls out when she wakes up in the morning and still is napping 2+ hrs a day. a fact for which i am eternally grateful.
phoebe's room

*i've requested from ty that i am ready for my little portable chicken coop and to plant a small fall starter garden. wish us luck.

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Chanell said...

Be prepared to fall in love with your garden.. it seriously is so rewarding.... just don't plan on anything growing and then you'll be thrilled with what you do produce... as for the chickens... I think a portable coup will be awesome and should help cut down on the bugs in your garden as well... good luck!!!

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