why do i care so much that my blog isn't popular?

i don't think much about this little blog here. i'm proud that i'm still pretty casual about it. if i want to write i will, and vice versa.  but i stumbled upon nat the fat rat again, and she mentioned she has 30,000 readers a day. i'm sorry, what? thirty thousand a DAY.

this little thing gets around 5,000 readers a month. ha!

i was so proud because over the last 3 years i made $300 dollars. i thought i was rolling in the dough, seriously. i bought rodney and phoebe new car seats with the money. do you have any idea how pathetic that sounds? i buy car seats with my extra cash flow. dur.

anyways, how could i become more popular? let me count the ways:

1. live in a large city, preferabbly nyc or a foreign country.
2. take 100 pictures of myself a day. preferabbly ones that are flattering and include food and pouty lips.
3. travel and go out a lot
4. take pictures of my clothes and things i like to buy.
5. review products that i buy all the time (seriously, these bloggers must be uber rich with all the shopping going on)
6. start swearing, a lot.
7. make fun of mormonism, byu and disneyland...a lot (yeah, i'm talking about you dooce)
8. share every minute detail of my life (wait a minute, don't i alredy do that?)
9. have at least 6 kids for wow factor.
10. have a teeny figure after said 6 kids.
11. confess of having an addiction or problem (wait, i did that too? does sugar count?)
12. be black, latina or other ethniticity.
13. have diy instructions for every household and beauty trend.
14. have an iphone and an expensive camera.
15.sell my soul to the devil.

just kidding on the last one.

but seriously, why do i care that my blog isn't that popular? why am i even writing about this? i don't want to sell myself or my kids or my husband. i don't want random strangers reading my blog and judging me. so why do i care?

because 30,000 people also sounds like a lot of $$$$.  and i'm petty and shallow like that.

for now, i think i can relax and be happy with my 100 readers per day.

love you all!


Sherri said...

I think you have a terrific blog...I started following along after my daughter Chelsi was frequently commenting on things you'd written that inspire her!

I definitely think you can grow your readership without resorting to some of the things in your list!

Continue to write about what inspires you and your blog will grow over time! I think tutorials for home DIY projects are a terrific way to grow your readership...and titles are so important...having the word "tutorial" in a title will help to get your post on the search engines!

Okay...sorry for the long comment...but keep up the wonderful writing!

Cathy said...

Good ones. #16 Have a family tragedy and then lots of prayer warriors will follow you. That's a good one. Or #17 Be friends with a super duper popular blogger and then just ride her coattails.

Unknown said...

Okay I am taking notes on how to roll in the money....changing my ethnicity is going to be the hardest for me haha

Unknown said...

This is Candi on Cate's blog. I see that Cate already commented and I should lof off her blog. But, by the time I log into mine I probably will be distrated by something very important... you know, like a thought. :)

I have an idea on how to grow you blog.... Write on 100 blogs a day. "i'm your newest follower. I realllllly hope you stop by my blog @ haha. I'm kidding. I do see a lot of people that do that and it cracks me up. :) I do however, think if you commented people would discover your wonderful blog. I know just today Cate linked up your blog to someone that she thought would enjoy your writing.

You are a great writer and I think of some of your posts nearly daily. Ha! Last Sunday I shared something from your blog in RS (the post on going to church). I even said "one of my friends", I guess I use that word loosely because I've never met you!! You just seem so honest and likeable.

Continue with the great writing.


Whitney Baldwin said...

I laughed at your list-- pouty lips and taking pictures of the food you eat, that's a recipe for success right there. Don't forget the falsh eyelashes!

But honestly I don't think your blog needs to be mega "popular" (although I think it can be and should be and will be) to have a big impact. I know that the things you have written have helped and inspired me in numerous ways. And that's why I love you and your other 99 readers do too!

Rosemary said...

I can't remember how I found your blog, but I'm glad I did, since I like to read it because of all those things you don't do -- because you seem like a real person, a nice person, you make me laugh, and I'm impressed you find the time to write as much as you do. I share a blog with three of my sisters and we hardly post a thing! BTW, if I were writing a list of ways to get people to read my blog, I'd say, "Be a pretty brunette Mormon, because, seriously, you gals are great bloggers! I myself am an average mousy brown Catholic, and there's just not much of a blog market for us!

Annie Leavitt said...

hahaha! rosemary, i needed a laugh today. if you came to my house you would see how i get the time to blog so much. it's a mess!

thanks for all the comments from everyone. i'm going to just keep being real. (or, at least, try to)

Jenn said...

Does it help you to know that I read your posts more than once? Seriously, you'll get there! You've learned about goal setting, etc. Start small. Try for 150 readers in September. Imagine when all your kids are in school; you're going to be able to add some readers. Right now, the most important thing is those little kiddos. I'm glad that you can find time to share your thoughts with us. As for me, I share your blog-I'll try and get you some more readers! Our little Valley is grateful for the writing that you do :)

Keshia Phill said...

Ummm...i didn't know you made money by writing a blog... and I' d be lucky if 5 people read my blog in a year. I think the same thing for myself about my blog and facebook. No one ever comments on my facebook stuff or my blog so that makes you feel like it's pointless although I try to stay motivated for my family that lives far away.

Anyway, I love your blog. I always think, "Man I should write more interesting things like Annie." :) Keep it comin' girl. It's refreshing.

my name is becky kelly said...

yes i like your blog, but this comment is not for you, my dear friend... it is for your readers that don't know you personally. I want to tell you readers something:
My friend Annie is not everything she appears to be on her blog. She's much more wonderful that she lets on! Her house has food under the table, and scraggly haired kids, just like mine. But she is a kind thoughtful friend. She gives me pidicures when I am sad, even if her nail polish is old and goopy. She cleans my house on my birthday and sends me texts to check on my well being. She has never told me no when i've asked her to watch my kids, and when i get back, they have completed a craft with glue and cotton balls. She laughs with me, often, but doesn't cry with me.... she's not a cryer, but she feels my pain all the same. I feel honored to call her my friend, and cherish our after-zumba-chats. Thanks Annie. You're a good friend to me :)

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