a cluster

yesterday was the full on wedding. all day long.

we survived! and nothing horrible happened! and there was a goat at the reception!

all stories coming soon, it was a fabulous day.

but tonight we celebrated my dad's birthday, tomorrow is phoebe's 3rd birthday and ty's b-day this weekend. so i am jam packed to the brim (plus i'm sick on top of that all too).

ty's aunt corinne sent me this picture from yesterday (i didn't bring my camera. dur) and ty and i just laughed and laughed. 9 and a half years ago ty's cousin ari didn't like being a flower girl too much either at our wedding. we almost have an identical picture of her running away like this.

ps-isn't little rodney a total stud? i swoon. 


Unknown said...

In all of my wedding pictures, my niece (our little flower girl) is making the most horrendous faces and lifting up her skirt half of the time. we have a good laugh each time we look at them.

Jenn said...

Such cute kids! And my kids loved being able to play with them at the reception. It's funny how kids don't know eachother, but at such a fun occassion, they just all love to play. Dalton came home more dirty than I have seen him in a long time. I asked him "What Happened?" He said "We were hiding in the wheel cover!" Oh, ok! And they all smelled like a goat! :) Every wedding needs a goat!

Melanie said...

Crazy that she's married now. I remember when she would babysit little Emily during dental school. That seems so long ago... And yet it doesn't. :)

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