did you hear?

one of the main reasons for our camping trip is that we were going hunting.
ty has hunted since he was 12, it's a very strong family tradition.
this year we made a huge compromise, and i put in for hunting. (i'll let you know what i got of the compromise later...hehehe)

i have been on multiple hunting trips, but never witnessed any "shooting" part of it.

i've always been anti hunting when it comes to it as a "sport".
i feel a great responsibility to be respectful to animals and harvest for meat.
we have been eating only wild game meat for the last year.
i haven't cooked or purchased beef in forever it seems.

and  so, in some unfortunate mischance, i drew a tag.
ty was ecstatic.
i was "meh".

we left on the trip. i was super excited for the "camping" part, that comes to me like a duck to water. but the "hunting" part? no clue what to do whatsoever. i wasn't worried, as ty would be there to help me out.

well, that's not how things worked out at all. and the "Hunting" experience was completely different than i imagined. it was crazy stressful and crazy with 4 kids in tow.

i'll write the whole story soon. but for now, know that i surprised everyone, even myself. 

the main part i am proud of is that i provided a years worth of jerky for ty's lunches.
look at me. i'm a provider.

*ps i thought i would feel remorseful over killing a beautiful wild beast.

i didn't. at all.
 (what does that mean? ahhh!!!)


Laurie Smith said...

This reminds me of a certain double date we went on a good while back! :)

Anonymous said...

Way to go Annie! I have been putting in for the Book Cliffs for years and still haven't drawn. I guess I need some of that Leavitt good luck!

Diana said...

There is something so funny about the soccer mom shirt on your daughter, as you stand over your kill. NOT your typical soccer mom! :)

Kim said...

It means that when "the end of the world" comes, whenever that is, you have a new confidence. Confidence comes from successful experience:)

Tammy said...

Wow. I'm impressed. I am not sure I could have done that. (And yes, the soccer mom T cracks me up too!).

Jenn said...

Knowing your father in law, I'm sure you "did the family proud". Impressive shooting! Cute pix!

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