happy birthday baby

you know, once you have kids birthdays just aren't that fantastic anymore. or maybe it's just us. yesterday was ty's birthday. he came home from a scout camp out, ate grandma's chocolate chip pancakes, took a nap, and then we went out alone thanks to grandma and grandpa leavitt. it was his night out so we did whatever he wanted. what did that include? picking up some tools, going to ace hardware and eating chinese food.  man, i wish i was a dude sometimes. so simple right?

anyways, happy birthday to you ty (when you eventually read this).
i can't believe you put up with all of my crazies and still come home everyday. 
you are a rock.

 ty and rodney, october 2011
 ty and rodney, june 2012
ty and phoebe, september 2009

something about ty has always drawn me so deeply toward him. from his low key demeanor that balances me out, to the way it felt when we held hands the first time (major electrocution, i'm not even kidding you), and the smile he gives when he holds our babies.

 ty is an awesome dad, an awesome husband and an awesome friend. 
and i'm not just throwing awesome in there lightly. 

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