phoebe is three

 every few days phoebe still likes to play in rodney's bouncer. it's awesome, she still isn't growing up too fast in my opinion. this is her in the morning while i vacuumed.

 the frei family graciously lent us their horse for phoebe's birthday. because, you know, she's is obsessed and all. we felt a horse birthday was perfect for her.
birthdays don't get any better than this, and this is when we enjoy having 2 acres.
 cousin ari and rodney. the little babies loved the horse just as much as the girls. everyone got to ride twice and was in heaven.
 audrey lytle made the cake for phoebe. i'm still trying to find my ground on birthdays, the older girls expect a cute cake, but i don't have any sugar in the house anymore. audrey's fundraiser saved the day.
 so stinking cute.
 i had to put in this picture. you could tell phoebe was the 3rd child. all those girls scrambled for every present and she didn't even fuss. it was hilarious watching them topple over each other. and look, there's jenni taking care of rodney. love.
many people know that phoebe was a lot of work to get here. they say it takes a village to raise a child, and it's true. but everyone we know (and even don't know!) love phoebe just as much as we do. she has an amazing way of captivating your heart. it will be exciting to watch her life unfold.


Whitney Baldwin said...

It's true! I love Phoebe and I've never even met her! She is a special gal for sure. Happy birthday to that cutie bug!

PS. Annie, your post a few days ago--the one to your kids--my favorite thing you have written. Ever. Just beautiful. I think about the kind of childhood I am giving my kids all the time and wonder what they will remember. So thanks for that.

Lauren said...

Cutest cake ever! Happy birthday Phoebe!

Jenn said...

What a good mom you are! Happy Birthday Phoebe!

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl! We were thinking about her.

Stephanie and Paul said...

Wait, you don't have sugar in the house anymore??? For reals?

Chandra said...

I love that you could just ride a horse around your yard.

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