switch a room

phoebe's room has always been the island of misfit toys. yes, her crib and belongings were in there, but they never quite...belonged. does that make sense? it was always messy, and i mean ALWAYS MESSY. yes, i just cyber screamed that.

for a few months i've had the idea of moving the two older chromosomal offspring into her room (it has a bathroom) and moving phoebe into theirs. a good old swaparoo. and monday, i decided around noon to just do it. i'm still sore today from it too, well that and weed eating the front lawn. yikes.

i can't tell you how delighted we are with the outcome. the girls have a beautiful room that fits them just perfectly. i'm excited to make some artwork and frame some of their new family photos for the walls.

phoebe's room is now the "nursery". you know, just like in marry poppins where they sleep and play in the same place? and without the two twin beds, it is ginormous! we still have the daybed and trundle, so when company comes (hint hint) we have the girls' guest room with a bathroom, and the girls have real beds to sleep in in the nursery. yes, i spent a lot of time planning this all out even though we've only had visitors a few times in 2 years.

it was just the needed change in the house that has set me back on the warpath. i am happy cleaning, and cleaning happily. i have my checklist of several areas left to "declutter" and "organize" and our house is slowly getting to be the home that i envisioned. (minus the white marble countertops i covet. i am an evil human being)

ps- phoebe's closet consists of two shower curtain rods. aren't we all better homes and gardens? try not to be jealous. you can bet your bottom dollar that the shelves will be put in "sooner" than "later".  love you ty! good thing his labor is free. hehehe.
the girls love their room. phoebe loves her room, but it's rather large and she has been a little scared the last few nights. nothing a little lullaby cd can't remedy though.

*post edit* i just realized that this sounded like moving rooms was full of sunshine and roses. it wasn't, lucy helped me a lot in the beginning and then fizzled out. typical 7 year old. i found stashed messes of garbage and toys in hidden corners e v e r y w h e r e. i did find the last state to our US puzzle! i also got stuck moving the daybed, in the middle of the hallways. and i'm not even kidding you, i had to get the screwdriver, squeeze out from under the frame, and take it apart right there. i was that stuck. and i was hot a sweaty and cursing a little under my breath. all the hard work was worth it though.  life is so funny that way.

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