in one of ty's business classes he read a book about higher level management. one statement said that most CEO's, CFO's and whatever whatnot upper head boss people were actually severely under-qualified for the job. they had just played their cards right and climbed the ladder. most of them should have stayed one or two levels below their job.

i feel like our last two babies were two job climbing levels that put me at a really high management level for our family. and i am, most definitely, without a doubt, not cut out for this CEO position.

how on earth did you raise 7 kids mom?

oh well, happy tuesday!


Elliah A. Terry said...

Annie, you are SO qualified. : ) But we all feel like this some days. Have a great one.

jes said...

you just made me snort a chick pea. oh annie. i hope the military stuffed shirts smile on us and send us to the open post in vegas so i can drive to logandale and laugh this hard every day.

Annie Leavitt said...

oh Jess! That would be awesome...not the snorting part though.

Thanks Elliah!

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