i've been busy

Seriously, my internet time has taken a drastic nose dive...and I've never been more pleased.  Something has clicked about taking care of my house, and it's almost like when I click about taking care of my body. For months and years! I will just beat myself up about everything I'm not doing, and things will just pile and pile and pile and swear that the next day, (why is it always tomorrow?) I will clean it all up in one fail swoop.  And guess what happens....

nothing. I just rinse and repeat the self loathing and procrastination.

But I literally wrote down and took notes on habits that highly effective organizing friends and moms have and do, and put them to work. And I know it's still a little early to report, but you guys! Just like with healthy eating and exercise, it's all about the little things. Picking up something everytime you walk through a room. Cleaning here and there, sweeping up the pomegranate right after rodney throws it.  Vacuuming,sweeping and wiping down surfaces really quickly *every single day, in *every room. It honestly doesn't take that long and makes a huge difference.  Kathryn gave me a really great tip, which of course I had heard before but wasn't ready to put into practice, and that is "Touch everything once".  So the dish of breakfast? Don't put it into the sink to put into the dishwasher later, just scrub for 2 seconds and put into the dishwasher. VOILA. It's like freaking magic.

So anyways, it's starting to make a difference in our home. And a peace is spreading like wildfire. The kids are happy, Ty is happy, I am happy. We can find things, clothes are clean, jackets on the hooks. It is pure awesome and I love it.

In other news, here are some photos from Taryn's wedding. It was a wonderful day,  the kids stayed clean and no one got stitches! Watching the sealing, a flood of emotions washed over me. If I was a cryer, I would have been bawling.  I was blissfully happy for  the beautiful couple, but so many emotions over our marriage. How much has happened since that day for us, and all of our children. What advice I would give a newly married couple (if they asked of course : ) and what we would have done differently.  An Everest amount of retrospect over our last 9 1/2 years of marriage.

 ari and phoebe
 getting studley dudley dressed
we are family
 great grandma and grandpa Leavitt

 Lucy and Taryn
 Admiring the dress
 Grandpa and Pahobes
 Leavitt family
 All of the Leavitts
What advice would you give, or do you give to Newlyweds?
Mine? Never get a credit card....EVER. : )


Kay Hardy Barlow said...

One of the best tips I ever heard was from the Fly Lady (have you heard of her?) She said if you go into a room and see a task that can be done in less than one minute-do it. I am kinda a time freak and have clocks with second hands in EVERY room in my house, so this works well for me. I've found I can hang towels, throw dirty clothes in the hamper, swish out the toilet, and even wipe down the sink and counter in less than a minute-amazing!

Keshia Phill said...

Definitely would say agreed to the NO CREDIT CARD! I also would say do not get ahead of yourself and purchase a home that causes you to be a slave to your mortgage! Do not buy a home more than 25% of your income... get a 15 year note people... save until you can put 20% down! Good things come to those who wait. Young people want "nice things" right away instead of working hard to pay cash for it...financing a TV is the funniest thing I've heard. I also see lots of young families purchase a home based on husband and wife income and then they complain when their baby comes that the wife can't stay home if desired...because they weren't smart in the beginning. Think ahead and have the future in sight!

Cleaning: best tips I the morning make the beds! It takes a few seconds and does a world of difference in the room. 2. take a few minutes in the morning to bring each room back to "ready." 3. Never leave a room without taking something with you that doesn't belong in that room. This one is my favorite and I live by this. Every time I go to another room, I'm taking something in it to put away.

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