seen and heard

driving home in the car, (ty's driving so he gets music controls).

ty: this song reminds me of high school
me: yeah, freshman year.
ty: yeah, freshman year. must have come out that year.
me: yeah, i think so.

silence for a few seconds...

me: it's not a very good song is it?
ty: hahaha, no it kind of sucks huh?
me:  let's just copy and past the same two lines of lyrics over and over ok?
ty: hahahahaha, weren't all the songs like this?
me: yes, and we liked them. listen, i totally would sing this part right here...
ty: hahaha, dumb.
me: i know, and these people made millions of dollars playing this all over the country.
ty: dumb.

and that my friends, is the height of our philosophical marital discussions.  try to beat us.
ty and me in high school, not freshman year.

1 comment:

Terril Family said...

At least you still have real music in your car. Mike and I sat and analyzed the "Kid Tune Favorites" the other night in the car
(for reals). I think that wins!

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