the only thing constant is change

phoebe is wearing underwear on more days than she is diapers. i keep telling ty, "i think she is close". if you know me you know that i despise, hate, loather entirely the concept of potty "training". you can read more about that here. some mornings she wates till around 11 to ask for underwear, other days she comes in at 6am asking for underwear and to go potty.

my fingers aren't crossed as to how soon it will be safe enough to stop buying her diapers. she definitely didn't pull an abby and just be done in one day. if phoebe gets distracted, or more recently, sick, she's had a few accidents (but just #1, thank you very much phoebe!).  considering her and rodney wear the same size, it's not that huge of a deal. and if i've learned anything about parenting, it is that nothing is permanent.  but it has been interesting to sit back and watch. she's proving to be different than both of her sisters, who resisted #2 in the potty like it was the plague. this girl drops off her friends in the pool like it's her job.  

our mornings are pretty regimented these days. i am starting to crave summers (despite the heat) more and more the older they get. we have to have breakfast, check homework, practice piano, do hair, brush teeth and make beds before getting to the bus. with the two little ones in the mix there it can get pretty hairy sometimes. if i could get rodney to stop throwing his stinking breakfast bowl. ugh! the oatmeal just flings like mud. runs in the morning after the bus are still a little too warm for my liking. maybe another few days it will be cool enough.

speaking of cool weather, i can open my windows at night again.
 blessed day, i've been waiting for this for months!

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