Christmas time

What are your favorite Christmas movies? We watched it's a wonderful life last night and it made me almost cry. I love that movie so much. i'm on track reading the Book of Mormon again and finishing Christmas eve. Have you ever read it before, I mean, like it's an actual book? As in, you keep reading as long as you like and get into it and understand what's going on? Growing up I always read And by the next night would have forgotten everything from the night before. And the chapter headings? Well sometimes those are just confusing, I don't read them at all anymore. When you read it like a book there is no need!

Speaking of books, i've read some great ones lately thanks to Joshlyn. She and Jandee are my book gurus. I love books, I love talking about books, I love listening to what books other people like. It gives you so much to connect over and laugh about. Everytime I hear someone say they don't like to read, i think in my head "You just haven't read the right book yet!".  I love historical non-fiction. My sister and brothers mostly all love fantasy (i abhor fantasy, except HP).  I have a hard time swallowing Young Adult literature, unless I'm hormonally prengnant or nursing, then I devore them!  What are you favorite books? Any favortie Christmas books I need to add to my ever growing list?

My favorite Christmas crooners? nat king cole, bing crosby and perry como. Nothing like those three in my book.


Tiffany said...

Annie have you read These is My Words yet? If not you must read it asap! And I would love some of your recommendations!

Anonymous said...

My favorite reads latley all involve food :) or Louisiana history. I just finished Dearie, about Julia Child. Now I am reading Gumbo Tales. It's about food in New Orleans. I guess now that I live here I can't get enough about the cultures here. It really is a world of its own and unlike anywhere I've lived. I think a near future post should include a book list. I'm always looking for a good read.

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