Sunday thoughts

You know what I hearmostaboutthisblog?people appreciate my honesty.butwhen ithinksboutit, ideally editouta lot of stuff! Ugh!imtrryingtop iostonmyipad and it sucks!

I am most definitely techno impaired.

So you want honesty? You got it!

- I taught the 15 yr olds today, and although the lesson bombed afterwards I heard the a friend  & neighbor suffered a heart attack and is dying. Talk about priorities whacked back to place. Life is so fragile! How can we waste any second of it not serving and showing love?

A lot of the time my snarky sarcasm abducts my body. I'm not even joking, I open my mouth and the jerk monster jumps out. I'm trying really hard to be good, but sometimes people just give me too much to work with you know?

We finished painting our house...2 yrs later! Ha! We are awesome home owners.

My house is still clean! Wahoo,

I've been eating some sugar. A bite here a bite there. No bingeing, but I def feel sick afterwards. I had a slice of pie and was all "meh" today.

Did you know in our religion we practice abstinence before marriage? It's true, we Mormons are good at sticking to the 10 commandments.  Anyways, as awkward as it was to explain that to people sometime,es "(like my premarital exam at 21. The girl al,most fell off her seat.) in my limited experience it has been wonderful. So yes, I'm writing on this blog that Ty and I were virgins on our wedding night. Oh he's gonna die when he reads this!  I remember when I was 15 Marvia Drake told us that sex was awesome ! In a committed and loving marriage. And as grossed out as I was when she said it, I can attest to my 15 yr olds that it is true! Sex is one of the best parts of marriage and nothing you will see or read comes close to what it is really like,  I mean, what part of movies is ever close to real life?

Enough about that, I'm feeling ready to put up Christmas. I have some homemade gift plans (which almost never work out for me) for our friends and small ones for everyone else. We are trying to serve and give more to others this year. My poor kids! Ha, don't worry they have tons of grandparents for toys.

And last but not least, my 2nd annual tupperware party is this Friday at my house, you should come!

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