the simple things...or how carpet makes me happy

We have a long hallway.

I know, you're thinking, "yeah, we have a long hallway too." To where I'll respond with the question, "Really? Is your hallway forty feet long? FORTY?"

and they sit there in silence.

Just like when a mom tries to shock me with a "my kid ate their poop" story. And then I tell them our famous Poopy Christmas tale and they all bow down before me. There are few things I win at, and long hallways and kids eating poop are the few.

So anyways, we had a windfall of wonderful carpet bestowed upon us by the inlaws, and we finally installed it! You know what, there is  a reason carpet was invented, it's amazing. We all went and lied down on it and rolled around the first day. And I love walking down it first thing in the morning, it's warm and fuzzy and makes me happy.
*i don't know what those white specs are, it was freshly vacuumed.

Have a wonderful weekend. I have a few painting projects planned, "mom's and muffins" on Saturday and more closet organizing to tackle.

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Melanie said...

So glad you got some carpet for the hall. What a blessing! I'm not enjoying the hardwoods here in our rental. My feet are always cold. I finally bought some slippers. :)

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