To say that this has been a long year, well, that would be the understatement of the decade. But so many wonderful things have happened in this first year of 30's for me to note.  I started out the year feeding Rodney his first solids on my birthday.

 No joke, this is me this day last year: I think that is definitely the one of the best photos of me in my entire life, besides the headgear one. heeawww heawww (can you hear the donkey bray? sheesh look at those teeth)

And here I am teaching zumba just last week. 
I haven't really realized it, but things have definitely changed.

 Last year's holidays were rough to say in the least, but we survived. Where did that baby boy go?
 The rest of the year was spent managing these two rascals 24/7. My older children are angels from above I tell you, compared to how much work #3 and #4 are.

The year was filled with neices and former mia-maids I taught getting married, married! With each marriage and new baby they have, my heart swells with pride. And secretly I'm glad it's not me, and I'm also glad there was neither facebook or blogging when I experienced those life changes.
I did Weight Watchers, and I'm so glad that I did. It taught me some things, that no matter how much I read or practiced, I had never learned before.  I also quit weight watchers, it was stressing me out.
 I cut my hair and got bangs. Best decision of 2012.
I feel like I"m still put together even on my worst days.

To please my husband Gaston ("I use antlers in all of my decooorattinngg!") I shot a live animal, thus thrusting me into the %5 of "hunters" in america. Although, nothing has changed at all. Somehow I thought I would be welcomed with open arms into the Elk lodge or something. Oh well.

We traveled a few times! Miracle of all miracles!  

My mom was 39 when she had me, so growing up I always heard that your 30's were the best years of your life (wait, did i ruin your 40's Mom?). And I have to agree, I've never been more happy even though things don't look the way I imagine them too. Does that make sense? My days are long and gruesome with the babies and older kids, but they are still what I cling to. I love my job, I love my kids, I love my husband more than I ever could have imagined. I could care less what brand of clothes I wear, what trends are going on anymore or what kind of make up I have on (sorry danna!).  I do care that my kids are learning, growing and learning, and learning and learning. And I do care that I am growing and learning, and learning and growing every day also.
The other day the girls were complaining about something (because basically I'm a natzi about everything from breakfast cereal to underwear) and I told them, "Well guess what? When you're 30 you will call me and thank you for this." Because every day I'm extremely grateful for what my parents taught me and didn't let me do. That what is inside my head is more important then what's hanging from it. That it is more important to give than receive. For those 9 grain nut bread sandwiches and whole fruit roll ups that took 40 mins to chew. For the head gear, for the braces, the soccer camps and ballet classes. For the regular non name brand clothes. For the books and foreign movie with subtitles. For the crusty brown Suburban and 5 colored VW bug at ballet pick up. For making my own lunches and being in charge of my own homework. For all of the "no's" and the "HelloisFredthere?"'s from my dad when a friend  called and the "Ohmystarsandgarters!" when my mom was shocked.

Yes, the older I get the more grateful I am for all that I have and what I was and wasn't given by my parents. And I pray I can do the same for my kids, because heck, I'm not turning out too shabby these days if I do say so myself. Thanks, Mom and Dad.


Melanie said...

Hope you have a nice evening and a wonderful weekend. We'll be thinking about you all. :)

My thirties have been way better than the twenties so far... :) Happy Birthday.

Keshia Phill said...

Happy Birthday!!! Your post made me laugh. You're awesome!

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