tis the season for....what exactly?

A few weeks ago a Target commercial assaulted me with the catchy jingle of "Are you all ready? are you ready, get set, are you ready get set, are you all ready?" While the target dog ran through a town with Christmas bags in his mouth.  (i"ll admit, super catchy tune). But I was peeved, what right does Target have to ask me if I'm ready for the Holidays? And then presume the Holidays is about giving gifts.  I guess because they are Target, and that's how they make their $.

Well guess what Target, I'm not ready for the Holidays, and it has nothing to do with presents. I blame it all on the election, but all of a sudden it was November 6th! What? Thanksgiving yesterday was wonderful, but i still felt in a daze. Is it really Thanksgiving? Is it really now Christmas "season"? It doesn't feel like Christmas season yet, i'm not ready for the music, or the decorations or the good cheer.

oh, i'm cheery, but i just don't feel ready. last year i did a scripture challenge and read the entire Book of   Mormon from Thanksgiving to Christmas (just 10 pages a day and you can do it too!). It was one of the most spiritually uplifting experiences of my life, and made the Christmas season more meaningful than I ever imagined it could. I felt closer to my Savior, more gratitude for my Heavenly Father and more respect for the season.

Today I brought down some decorations, and i just don't feel it yet. I feel confused as to what is celebrating what and who is celebrating who? And to top it all off I tried black friday at Walmart. Bad idea, I mean, bad bad bad bad bad. First of all, i'm allergic to shopping in walmart when it's a ghost town, what was i thinking? disaster! the only good part is my sister sarah went with me (bless her soul) and we had a great time visiting. But black friday completely robbed me of any Christmas spirit or good cheer. Saving $60 is not worth tackling people and leaving your family on a holiday.  The avarice! The greed! All for the sake of a few dollars. I would like to say that i am worth more than $60 dollars, I am better than $60 dollars, and I can cut back in many other ways to save $60.

This is the season of perpetual hope. Of peace. Of joy and goodwill towards all men. To remember that our Savior came! And lived! And gave himself for all of us, and the best part is he will come again! And how do I teach that too my children, during this holiday season? That is the question, I can't ram it down their throats, but I also am not going to text santa or put an elf on the shelf ( i really don't need another thing to manage, as the tooth fairy always arrives a week late around here as it is).  I think it's a delicate balance, and every family is different. But i'm praying that the Christmas spirit can come into our home and stay all year long, and that my kids will grow up with warm memories full of family and friends and quality time together. I hardly remember any presents when I think about Christmas, i remember cousins in arizona! and playing in the snow! and wrapping presents with my siblings. Those are the moments i cherish, and i hope to pass that on.

Is there is a cure for this Christmas confusion?  hopefully there is hope for me, the hum bug, and hopefully i'm the only one.


Danna Banana said...

for me, the only cure has been to have family projects that focus on Christ-like service to others. Last year's book drive for the homeless shelter was lovely to do together. There are plenty of people in the community or back East that need some love.

Chandra said...

No elf on the shelf?! Me neither. I've decided to just "be" this season. I'm going to try not to have the biggest, the best, the craftiest, tastiest season. It's overrated. We are always expecting Christmas to be this magical, spiritual, incredible event...The whirlwind comes and goes and leaves us feeling empty so I'm going to just be and try to enjoy.

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