a day alone...

tomorrow i am cashing in all of the daddy day passes i have been saving up and i'm taking off.

i'm going to be on my own, alone. no kids, spouse, friends, family.

after working out i am heading into town all by myself. and i have the entire day to myself.

a few gift cards will keep me busy, and i'm sure i'll call my sisters and talk to them too. a second viewing of les miserables might factor in in the evening. can i tell you how much i cried the first time? niagra falls for 2 hrs straight my friends, no joke. of course i wasn't happy with russell crowe, but i still was moved by every second of that movie. this post put it well, it is a heart string puller.  i'm not a cryer, so it felt good to let it all out.

other than those things, i don't have anything planned.

but can i admit, i'm scared of being by myself for an entire day?

it's an art you know, and the key to being alone? act mysterious.

*confession- i kind of toyed with the idea of renting a room and just sleeping and reading all day. HA!

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