going to the gym, a story

I joined my first gym in college, with my roommates. I had grand plans of becoming a super buff and gorgeous fembot before Tyson returned home from his mission.

I think I went 10 times.


The next time i joined the gym I was more successful. What was the difference?
1. I met with a personal trainer, and signed up for a year of sessions
2. I had a consistent workout partner (my sister sarah).

When you pay that much money to work out (and it was a lot), let me tell you, you GO! We had a so-so personal trainer. She was knowledgeable to a point. After about 9 months everything ended up being the same ol' same ol', and she often stared at herself in the mirror while we finished our reps. Thinking ahead, I saved every workout she gave us and have it in a binder.

When we started up I was still in the middle of post partum depression of baby #2 and desperate for any kind of change. Sarah and I were motivated beyond motivated to get healthy. Growing up active and healthy makes being inactive and unhealthy as an adult even MORE depressing than it already is. sorry, it's true.

But guess what? We went every week, and we did our workouts 2 times a week on our own too. We were doing weights for an hour 3 times a week and cardio 4-5 times a week. I got in great shape, I got happy, I got off of my happy pills. I was running almost every morning (oh, i wish ty had that school schedule!) and enjoying it. It was my "me" time from my work. I could sweat, laugh, and get out all the negatives from the day. I came home tired and happy and ready to be a Happy Mom for 24 more hours.

And then we moved to our small little town. No gym. No time to go running in the morning, Ty's schedule with commuting is not conducive to good morning workouts on my own,
and I'm not a night runner. No problem right? I jumped right up that summer and certified to teach Zumba. I know, it's a stupid name, but it is really fun cardio. It's the jazzercise of the new millenia, and it's addicting. Growing  up a dancer and a dance major and a dance teacher, teaching zumba is perfect. I get to dance 4 times a week and get in shape at the same time. It's awesome, and not just because of the dancing, I see my friends every week! And I make new friends all the time! There is also something about working out in a group that I really crave. The energy is addicting.

Somedays I miss going to the gym, I mostly miss it because I would hang out with my sister and we would laugh and laugh and make fun of the buff steroid guys that couldn't stop looking at themselves in the mirror and the girls that showed up 20 minutes early to class to get "their" spot. One time we were lifting and a full on professional body build came in front of us in his undies to practice his poses. That is a memory I will treasure for forever.

So, here I am 2 1/2 years later from moving here, teaching zumba and making it to pilates whenever I can (which is hardly ever now that school is in full swing). I wish I could make it more often and can't wait for the summer time. I was religious with pilates after rodney. I went 3x a week until my core got back to it's norm. Don't worry, no 6 pack over here. But strong enough to get rid of all the aches and pains that come with not having a strong core.  I'm now teaching zumba toning, which is still dance cardio, but with small weights that make you really flex your muscles and keep them toned. And before you laugh, swinging around 2.5lbs for 50 minutes straight has started to make a difference in my arms too.  I was wondering how much of a difference, so I measured myself. And then I compared my measurements to when we were at the personal trainer, (yes, I kept everything).

And guess what? They are almost exactly the same, to the 1/4 inch. What? I was working out All The Time, and stressing about getting fit All The Time, and beating my body up for not looking like a supermodel All The Time. And here I am, with 2 more kids since then, dancing for 4 hours a week with no heavy weightlifting and I'm the same. No stress, no running for 8 miles on Saturdays. Just hours of fun dancing with my friends.

That is why I love Zumba. Great  results, no stress Hello!

please excuse this picture of me...i need to get a good one of my class. i love those ladies.
*i joined the iphone crowd and totally regret it. holy time suck batman.


Unknown said...

This is Candi. LOOKING GOOD ANNIE!! YOu are motivating me to give zumba another chance after the baby!!!

Danna Banana said...

nice guns!!

Brandon Pepper said...

It’s good to know that your next attempt is a success. I think having a gym buddy helps you to stay motivated. I learned from an article that having a workout companion not only helps motivation, but also creates friendly competition between the two of you. By trying to keep up with them, you can challenge yourself in ways that you cannot do alone.

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