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i keep meaning to write more and more and more about learning how to be a professional stay at home mom. remember this post? i had no idea it would resonate with so many moms (duh, i should have). but more good stuff about it has been in my brain swirling and twirling and i need to start letting some of it out, a little at a time as i'm learning.

some of you seasoned mom readers can laugh and giggle over my learning process, but hopefully someone else can gain some insight and confidence from what i'm trying/learning/accomplishing.

so until the first post know this, i had one new year's resolution that i REALLY wanted to accomplish. and that was waking up to an alarm before the kids get up.

confession: i have only done it once since january 1st. bah.

any tips on how to do this? i used to be really good at it when i had two kids. i would wake up at 5:45 and either get to the gym for 6am class or go for an hour run. now?......i can barely roll out of bed when the kids are stirring at 6:45ish. 7ish... 7:30ish...  blech.

i make up for it in the day by being happy go lucky and making sure their headbands are on straight.
phoebe caught me with the camera a few weeks ago


Cathy said...

No alarm clock for me. I wake up when my kids climb in bed with me. Usually my daughter first. We snuggle and talk. She loves to talk and that's pretty much the only time during the day when she gets my undivided attention. Then my son wakes up and gets in bed with us. More snuggles. It's the best start to my day. He goes to first grade in the fall and I'm sure I'll have to set an alarm. So for now, alarm clock be damned. I'm busy loving on my little ones.

Melanie said...

I workout before they get up, so that's easy motivation, but even if you don't, at least set the alarm for 10 minutes before they tend to get up. It gives you a chance to take a quick shower or get some clothes on and splash water on your face to wake up.

It makes a world of difference for me and the type of day we have. I make myself do it. (And after a while, if YOUR bedtime is pretty consistent, you know your body will start naturally waking up at the right time. :)

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