someone left a door open

I know that I am not alone growing up with a mother who had more than 6 senses. We would all run in the house, take off our coats and huddle over the vent for warmth and you'd hear, "shut the door please". (seriously, my mom was always polite)

in the summer you'd be reading in your room (not me though, i'd be outside in the pool), "someone left a window open somewhere" as she walked through the hallway. ugh! it was extremely annoying, but only because she was always right. there would be a 10 mm crack left open on a window, or the door would barely be open and she could sense it, 1,000 feet away no less.

and now, i'm the mom, and i'm constantly yelling, "shut the door!' , "close that window!' and "someone left the door open!". and my children scoff and scorn and roll their eyes and drag their feet and PROMISE ME EVERY TIME that there is not a door left open in the entire house. so i get up, and check, and lo and behold... there is always a door ajar.

i like being right, but not all the time you know?

in other news, i lost my phone (pretty sure i threw it away). this is a first for me, permanently losing my phone.

so if you could email me your cell number (you know, if we're friends and all) that would be fantastic! or if you already have my cell, text me again with your name. i keep getting texts all week long and it's funny trying to guess who it is and text back without sounding creepy.

abby leigh turned six this weekend! crazy crazy crazy

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