Our Story: the first kiss

Like a pebble gaining speed as it tumbles down a hill, so went the momentum of my feelings for that shy kid. He was kind and funny in a quiet way and the more and more we hung out the more he would talk. I was obsessed with him, and all my other cares and worries went out the window.

There was a problem with this boy though, besides the excess of stickers in his truck. 3 weeks after our first date he still had NOT HELD MY HAND. I know, I know, what was he thinking? Seriously though, I really liked this guy and he was not making any moves whatsoever. Completely against any romantic comedy/drama I had ever watched. Years later I look back and think it shows some of his greatest strengths, patience and self restraint. Either that or he was scared out of his mind like I was.  I wasn't ready or willing to make the first move, so I waited and waited and waited.

So finally, a bunch of us,  were driving up to Ginny Lewis' house in Moapa to go swimming. Ty drove his parents green and silver (gold?) suburban and I sat up front right next to him. This was it! The moment. I carefully, placed my hang on my thigh and waited. And sure enough, by the time we were coming off the off ramp to Glendale I felt his hand brush up against mine. Even now, telling this story on line, for the entire world to read, I can't put into words that feeling.

Electricity shot up my fingers and hands and kept going all the way up my arms. It was the most amazing feeling I had ever experienced. I had never felt someones hands that were so rough before either, or humongous. His dry cracked skin didn't bother me though, as he held my hand and rubbed it with his thumb. Oh kill me now! I would die a happy woman! It was amazing.

Once we were out of the car around other people though? No hand holding, he still doesn't like to hold my hand in public. I guess he just likes to keep me all to himself right? Riiiggght. We puttered around at the party and I remember meeting Ginny's little twin sisters (Cate! Candi! Do you remember this?)  But I was itching to just drive home already! Finally it was time to go home, and needless to say, we held hands the entire car ride home also.

That summer was busy one full of work for both of us. Soccer camp, football camp, track n' field camp, girls camp and scout camp was coming up at the beginning of August.

And guess what? No first kiss yet. Again, I patiently, patiently and patiently waited for this boy to kiss me. Funny, this patience with him runs out over the years (insert engagement story here).
But the hand holding continued to be fantasmic so I wasn't too worried. Scratch that, I was going bat crap crazy. I remember driving down to visit Grandma Gold with my mom and just bawling in the car because I was worried that when he finally did kiss me it would stink. And then what would I do with this amazing catch of a guy? Toss him back in?

Considering my previous kissing experiences were as a dare and one behind a bush by the movie theater, which were both slobbery and awful, I was getting really nervous. My mom assured me that if you really do care for someone, it doesn't matter if they aren't a good kisser, you won't notice. That calmed me down a bit. And lo and behold, as soon as I came back from Phoenix we went and hung out with friends, he drove me home in the truck (Which from hereon will be called "the ghost"). He was leaving for Scout camp for a week so we were a little sad. I sighed a little and said, "well, good night" and all of a sudden something smacked my face. I flinched, of course, and when I opened my eyes I realized he had just kissed me, and... it was awful.  I know you think I'm horrible for admitting this, but it was! I had braces and when you smack someone like that it's going to cause some damage people. I laughed a little and said, "what was that?" OH! I was and still am a horrible human being. That poor innocent boy, I ruined him forever. I think that was the last spontaneous romantic thing he has ever done. Cut him down to the quick I did.  Of course he didn't say anything back, and I said, "We'll try that again when you get home."

I went in the house feeling miserable. Not only was it an awful kiss but I had hurt his feelings on top of it all. I think I barely slept that night.

Years later I found out from Ty that he was happier than when he got his first four wheeler that night and entire week. He had kissed a girl! I'm glad I didn't scare him away that night.

A week later, the Saturday before the first day of school our Junior year a group of us went to St. Thomas to have a bonfire and swim. Back then, the lake was high enough that St. Thomas was just a ledge of land surrounded by the lake. It was a hot august night and the moon was full and round and bright.  Ty and I snuck away from the crowd and went for a swim. Even though it was a hot day, it was a little chilly in the water. I started shivering a little, and ty pulled me close to him. What happened next is between the two of us, and... Ben Flynn. I'm pretty sure he watched the entire time. ha. But it was the best first kiss a girl could ask for (when i delete the scout camp one of course). There in the moonlit water, held in his big strong arms, I was kissed (very well, I might add) by that boy. I couldn't have imagined anything more perfect for us. The summer was ending, school was beginning, we both almost 17 and completely infatuated with each other.

That year was full of Homecomings and sports, Prom and four wheeler riding and cliff jumping and swimming and off roading. It was also entirely full of too much kissing now that I'm a mother.
Chandra thought she was so funny writing that.
That windy spring was when I would fall in love with Tyson. Soon after this picture was taken...


Unknown said...

OH I love this!! And I don't remember meeting (wish I did) but what I do remember is going upstairs to the window with a perfect view of the pool and spying on al of ginnys friends. If anyone of them was wearing a bikini I would yell to candi and she would tell my Mom haha

Lara H. said...

Ok, my cousin is a creeper!! Why was he watching?! Sounds just like him. :/

Loved this story, its fun hearing how you and Ty fell in love! :) You make me want to write down our love story for my kids and posterity!!

Whitney Baldwin said...

Ben Flynn...Hahahahahaha!

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