Our story: how we met

In honor of our tenth anniversary this year I thought I'd share "our" story. Well, our story so far.

Every couple gets asked the age old question: "So, how did you meet?"

The first time I saw Ty was the first day of school sophomore year. I walked into Mr. Tusler's English class, and there, in the first aisle a few chairs back was a brown eyed boy with brown great gatsby hair and a big nose. He looked up at me right when I was looking at him. We both looked away after our eyes met. (How cliche!)

The first time Ty saw me was a few hours earlier in history class (I didn't see him in that class for some reason). Being a small town, he noticed the new brown haired, blue eyed girl right away. He even remembers my j.crew sweater vest I wore over my white Gap cap Sleeved tshirt. Yes, I was sweating to death as it was 100* that day. Oh the hours stressing about what to wear. Where did those years go?

The first time we actually met though?
Didnt happen until a month before school ended. ( I know right? Weird)

It was the end of track and baseball season and I had a new friend from track Chandra who was dating Shawn Sandoval. Shawn and Ty were friends and during baseball season Shawn found out that Ty thought I was cute. (Or so I've been told). I was interested in a few other guys but hadn't dated anyone that year (ok, fine, i'd never dated anyone before, happy?) And so our two matchmakers arranged for a meeting.

After a scorching school day Chandra and I drove to the reservoir to swim. Shawn was meeting us there (or went with us, I can't remember) and after a few minutes a four wheeler pulled up. I think Shawn said something along the lines of "Hey Ty! Come swim with us." At the same time Chandra asked, "you know Tyson from school?" I think I said, "yeah, isn't he that quiet kid?" Hahahaha. If I only knew then.

At that age (we were both 16 1/2) I was into funny, gregarious guys and I wasn't that in to shy guys with big shnozes. So I wasn't expecting to like this Tyson very much.

And took off his shirt to go swim with us. How do I put this delicately for our posterity? I just can't. Heaven help me, he had a gorgeous six pack. He had been hiding underneath that XL fox shirt the entire gosh darn school year.

The four of us spent the next hour swimming and swinging off the tree swing. I went home delirious. No, he hadn't spoken more than a few sentences to me, but he took me for a fourwheeler ride and he smelled perfect. After that day I was very interested in getting to know that shy, quiet kid from my classes.

Very interested indeed.

*We had three classes together that school year, english, history and phys ed. I had PE and he had weight training. He said he always stared at my legs when we'd run laps. That little perve. 

**Chandra is still one of my very best friends and Shawn is still one of Ty's best friends, he tragically passed away in 2007.


Whitney Baldwin said...

I love me a good love story. This is a real good one. Hooray for high school matchmakers!

Brittany Jensen said...

I love that picture!!

Chelsey said...

Love it!

Chandra said...

Everyone's love story is the best! I had fun reliving this. Remember when we ditched you two so you would HAVE to talk? ha ha ha...good times

Annie Leavitt said...

Oh my gosh Chandra, i did not remember that until you mentioned it. We need to collaborate for some of this story, those kids sucked out most of my brain cells : )

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