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our two oldest are in their second year of the "Let's Play Music" program, and I have have have have to write a post about this program.

We love it.

A couple friends recomended it to me when we first moved here, but I was pregnant and not willing to add something else new to the mix. So we waited, and started last year.

Here's the thing: this is  not your normal music/piano class. There is a LOT of parental involvement, which at first I totally balked at. I have to go to every other class? I have to make them practice? ugh. So I went to class and (was really really really crappy at) made them practice. We endured the first year, I thought it was "ok".

Sidenote, I was in postpartum depression for the entire school year also.

Then we started this year, ok, I can do this. I only have to go to class once a month. But we practice every single school morning. I sit down with them and help them and we get it done...consistently. I am pretty impressed that this has happened in our lives.

So, we are in the second year and IT IS AMAZING.  I can not write enough praise for the program, and our teacher Stephanie.  I am learning just as much as the girls are and I took 6 years of piano growing up and multiple music classes in college. The coursework is flawless, they start with the basics and grow each lesson effortlessly and seamlessly and the girls have fun!

No one complains about playing the piano! Or practicing! Or doing their homework! They both love it and have fun.

This is no small miracle.

They now can play on both hands on the piano, are learning clefs and all the key letters and chords. It's awesome. And I know now why I go once a month, it's important for me to know what they are learning and working on for practice every day.

With the 3 year program, when a student finishes, they are prepared to play any instrument of their choosing. Or, if no instrument, they have a solid music background for their entire life. And for me, that is essential.

In our little town programs for the "arts" are pretty sparse, I am so pleased to have the girls learning a great art basis just 5 minutes from our house. And our teacher Stephanie is always prepared and organized and ready. She is great with the kids and keeps them motivated. She is also very professional and I respect that, professional is hard to come by in a small town. I enjoy going to class and am grateful for how much she gives to each and every class.Thank you Stephanie!

Anyways, if you are looking for giving your kids a great music foundation, I highly recommend Let's Play Music. It is a big investment of time and money, but one that I feel is entirely worth it.

There's my plug for the day. Look up Let's Play Music in your area, it's great.

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