weekend recap

A month ago one if my regular Zumba ladies and friend Vanessa invited me to teach at a zumbathon fundraiser in Vegas. If course I said yes! And was excited until it was time for me to teach, bah, anxiety. I had a blast dancing for 2 hours straight and just having fun with my friends. 10 of us from our town went and we made up our own little gringa corner. I was so proud of all of them and can't wait to do it again.

I will say though, i have never felt so white in my entire life. I wish I had the energy and enthusiasm those mujeres bring to the party.

Ashley wrote up a much better review of it here with great pictures.

Anny in Vegas is the owner of the joint and a great teacher (and mormon!)
holy sweaty tank top
Almost all of us ladies before the sweat fest.
the next morning I bolted out the door at 7am with 4 kids solo to Vegas for the Make a Wish 5k. Our babysitter Jenni is a Make a Wish kid and her mom does a great job getting us all to support the cause.

The former Mrs. Nevada's were behind us and it was fascinating

apparently the camera was on inside the stroller

I have yet to find something in parenthood that gives me as much stress as driving with kids. Maybe family pictures or weddings or a tax audit. oh, and then the front tire busted off of the stroller and I used my man skills to shove it back on. Don't even get me started on how no one stopped to help. I love my B.O.B stroller, but at that moment I was ready to just leave the dirty, cat piss smelling stroller on the side of the road and buy a brand new one altogether. We've had old faithful for 6 years and she has been good to me, but definitely isn't anything to look at if you know what I mean. We don't have a garage so she gets a beating.
This instructor was amazing! He's lost 80 lbs this year doing zumba and his moves were so flippin smooth.  I loved his routines and music and can't wait to add them to my class. He was inspiring and that is what teaching is all about.  

It was a busy weekend, but when the dust settles I'm happy that I decided to go and participate instead of staying and hiding at home (because that's what I'd like to do). 

*and fyi* ty was right, a cute latino guy asked for my digits at the end of the night. ha!

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Melodee said...

how totally fun! and difficult (we have only tried it on the Wii, in real life you have to keep up, haha!)

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