Vacation? No. Trip? Yes.

Before Christmas we agreed to meet up with the Erkillas (Ty's MTC companion) for a camping trip.

This weekend was it, we went we saw we hiked. The kids had a blast, I slept about 6 hrs between the last two nights. Beautiful views though. Goblin valley Utah was a kids dream. They all ran, and ran and ran around free as little birdies. Very family friendly and they could climb everywhere. We also hiked little Wildhorse Canyon right afterwards. Event though we were tired, Ty and I and the kids loved the slot canyons we went through.

We really had a great time, and we are glad we went, even though we got home at midnight last night! (ugh-horrible Easter sunday because of that) It was fun to visit with friends and get away from the chores, but I'm still sticking by my mantra, anywhere you go with kids is not a vacation: it's a trip.

Anywhere you go without the kids? Vacation! And we might have one brewing for our anniversary this month!

Which reminds me, time to finish our "story" on this thingy.

In the meantime, don't come over to my house for 3 days. It's a disaster zone.

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James Erkkila said...

Thanks for coming and joining the fun!! We had a blast and have to do that again sometime.

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