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The house is a little bit messier, the meals even more lame lately. Why? Because I'm getting ready to do my first fundraiser. I'm hoping it's a success. Our little town gets more than its fair share of heartbreak around here and it would be nice to help out once a year. This year we are supporting our friends The Frederick family, you can read about it here.

The blog is going to suffer a little bit, (and who said blogs are dying? i don't really care!) but in the meantime you can know that a bird flew into the house friday morning. A snake was let loose friday night and not caught until Monday morning. We thought Phoebe had pink eye, she doesn't. Rodney has a low fever and runny nose, I think it's his two year molars.

The other day I was doing Phoebe's hair and she asked, "Mom, can you brush it superly duperly soft?",  "ha, well, i'll try ok?".  "Ok, because Grandma brushes it superly, duperly soft!"

Once again, Grandma beats me at all things parenting.

If you've been dying to come see what Zumba is about and see me shake my hips, then I'll see you soon!

Bring your friends and
come party for a great cause!
*All proceeds go to The Josh Frederick Foundation 

When: May 11th 7pm
3011 N. Moapa Valley Blvd, Logandale, NV 89021

$15 per person  before day of…
$20 at the door

Check out my new website at

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