Blogging momentum at an all time low. 
In the meantime enjoy the fact that Phoebe still tells me "Merry Christmas" every night. 
Rodney is getting even MORE cuddly. Swoon. 
Abby is friends with almost everyone in her class and is ready to move in with her teacher.
Lucy is a great mother to all of the pets in our house. Anyone want a pet quail????
And...The front lawn is getting irrigated now. huzzah! 

In other news, I am swamped with my maternal duties and work. And, then, every night proceed to beat myself up because I haven't served anyone "else" for that day, even though I haven't taken good care of my own. I need good advice from some experienced mommas here, how much can you serve others when your monkeys are little? Thanks.

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Cathy said...

Blurg is right. I have no advice for that last part. I feel your pain. You certainly have cute kiddos though. That's awesome at least.

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