24 months

The only thing constant is change, and change this little boy did. From his day of birth, to one year, to 18 months, to today. He is a little toddler boy now. He doesn't take a baba anymore (this is so sad to me), but loves his dump trucks and trains instead. His only saving grace, besides his dashingly good looks, is he is a lovable snuggly bug, and I love it.

Happy Birthday Rodney.
You are very loved.

*cake by Audrey Lytle. I had a bite, cake still tastes gross to me. blech.

Confession: Last night, after we put him down to bed, I sobbed while I folded the laundry. Yes, sobbed. My baby is two, and it is kind of breaking my heart.

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Cathy said...

Happy birthday to your cute boy!

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