Beating the bulking myth down....or how I started weight lifting.

Am I the only one here? But when I blog about something that is going well, I automatically sign us up for at least 6 months of struggling in that area.  It's the equivalent of bearing your testimony in church about something, oh baby. Just get ready, "hurricane a comin'!" (said like that voice from little mermaid)

So, I started something new in April. I was at my wit's end, I was working out all the time and still not getting the "results" I wanted. I kind of laugh just writing this now. I was talking with my brother and kind of unloaded on him. I am tired of not looking fit, despite working out all the time! I'm tired of being tired!  Long story short, he told me to buy this book. And try the program.

Zumba has been amazing for me and have achieved awesome results from it, but I was still missing something...else. Something that I enjoy, I love Zumba! But I'm the teacher, I can't just turn my brain off and exercise.

Now, backstory: I did not want to lift weights and have avoided it like the plague. In high school I had weight training (which, today I am forever grateful for) and the coach promised I would not BULK up, well I went to prom with a nice set of lats which I hated and believed that I was a "bulker" and should avoid all heavy weights. Then add in majoring in ballet and a body dysmorphic disorder that says skeletal thin is beautiful and you can see my issues. You're welcome.

Back to April, I was so fed up I didn't even care. I will try it out and see, I thought. So I read the book...twice. And then I started, I was intrigued because it was so simple. Basic. 3 days a week. It wasn't rushed like crossfit, it didn't require a lot of equipment. I thought, hmmmm. I wasn't expecting results when I started off, I was thinking it would take awhile to get strong. Well, I was wrong. I think Ty started noticing results in a week. I noticed after two weeks.

But here is the kicker, once I started the program, I didn't care about the aesthetic results anymore. I'm not crapping you.  I automatically fell in love with getting stronger and technique and form. I fell in love with 3 times a week, and just lifting, adding up the math, adding the weights, lifting, changing to another lift. I love that for an hour I don't care what I look like or what my butt looks like, I'm just lifting.

I don't think this program is for everyone. But I know it is for me, my entire outlook on fitness and how I "look" has changed. I could give a rat's behind whether I have "tiny" arms and legs anymore and don't cry in my pillow at night because my thighs touch. I'm glad they touch! I can lift a lot of weight with those puppies. I feel like an enormous mental burden has been lifted (no pun intended) from my life. I don't need a gimmick, or infomercial or special new workout to get me into supermodel shape anymore. I am in shape, just the way I am. And I'm just getting stronger. (insert Rocky song)

In one word, I think I can describe what heavy barbell lifting has done for me: EMPOWERMENT.

I love it, I love being a woman, I love getting strong. I love that I can lift until the day I die.

I also love the energy I get from it and the sense of accomplishment. It's a different high than I get from dancing.

I love how it has improved my cardiovascular endurance throughout the day and working out.

Oh, and fyi, even though I've had major strength gains over the last 8 weeks, my arms and legs are smaller. Go figure.

*big thanks to my brother Bill and Shelley Hancock. My virtual coaches and supporters.

**It is definitely not an attractive sport, my facial expressions and double chin never fail to impress.

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Kami said...

Okay, now this makes me want to know what is the name of the book you read?

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