Insta be warned

Our last month in Instagram:
Zumbatomic! Taught my first summer session, and had a blast. The girls can't wait until next year's.

Snuck away again to an oasis in Vegas. Beautiful.
Kept lifting weights and still enjoying it. Right now I'm at:
squats: 150x5x3
Dead lift:160x5x1
Overhead press:65x5x2
Bench press: 82x5x2
Rodney got this weird rash after being outside with daddy fixing the sprinklers?
But he got to ride the back hoe all the way to Grandpa's office. Highlight of the year.
Ty fixing said sprinklers. He even dragged me into digging the trench for my roses. It stunk, but worth it now. Hello drip system !
Ran errands and saw this sweet vintage A/C unit.
Bought flowers from our new quaint and tres chic flower shop for my dear friend.
Squished Elise's cheeks a few hundred times. I refrained from the lower set :)
Went and taught "Thriller" for Camp Mend a'Heart.
Watched cousin Mady get called to Fukuoka JAPAN! For her mission.
Went to the new children's museum!
More swimming with my favorite girls.
A 71st birthday for this beautiful mother.
And a day date in Vegas (with Rodney), for new tires. I can drive through  this hades summer in vehicular peace now.

How is your summer going?


Lara H. said...

I absolutely love that you went and taught a dance at Camp-Mend-A-Heart. I can't wait for Mylah to go to camp! :) P.S. You are amazing by the way, not sure I could even think about lifting a weight, let alone lift one...even when I'm not preggers!

Cathy said...

I have no idea what those weight lifting numbers mean but I sure would like to be buff like you. And that little girl's red swim suit is adorable. I want it in my size.

Chandra said...

It's fun to get a glimpse of your life. I remember your high school weight lifting days and the drama of "bulking up". Good times....

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