Another dance year is over here at the Leavitt household. We practiced and practiced at home this last week getting ready, and let me just say, I am so glad I am not their teacher. It was not pretty. We would start the music, and oh, it was painful, painful, painful.

 "Point your foot more, " I would say.
 "I AM!" she who will not be named would shout.
"If you were, I wouldn't ask you to do it" I would emphatically exclaim (read, yell).

So, phew, it's over. Miss Amber's classes are wonderful and I highly recommend her. She is a lovely teacher and the girls love and respect her. She is also punctual, professional, organized, picks beautiful music, choreography and costumes.  If you are looking to put your daughter into dance in the valley, I suggest you look into Amber Leavitt and Ballet Classique.

With that being said, next year the girls are trying out sports because they haven't done it yet. I will dearly miss  ballet for the year, but we want them to experience sports and then choose what they like best.  We'll see how that goes, because just driving one day a week to dance almost made me claw my eyes out. Wish us luck.

*sometimes you just don't get great family photos. 
and thanks to whoever taught Phoebe how to photobomb. (Uncle Taylor?)


Chels said...

Hahaha that last picture makes me smile. Beautiful girls all around!

Toni said...

Your kids are so cute, love that Phoebe!! Tell your mom hello for me she is looking well, bet she loves having you in the valley!! Dallon is moving back to Utah next week and Meka is in Logan all my kids and all 14 grandkids in the same state for the first time in 16 yrs. Happy me

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