the beach, we missed it.

It had been two years since we visited a beach with the kids. Last summer Rodney just wasn't very, how do you say it nicely, portable? 
This year, we went.
We saw.
We swam.
It was perfect.

Chelsea Greaves came and met us! It was fun to see her again and the girls loved it.
 This is Phoebe's third year in this swimsuit. Hmmm...
Danna wins the award for always getting the most awkward and unflattering pictures of me at the beach. No joke, a few years ago I came home with about 6 back of the upper thigh shots. No woman wants to see that in megapixels. It's all good Danna, I still love you. hehe.
 My girls are complete fish, and I love it. They get it from me, Ty...not so much.

Aunt Sarah was a blast! She boogie boarded with the girls for 2 straight hours. We love her.
 Rodney loved the sand and people watching. Once a wave washed over his feet he was done with the water. "I don't like dis!" he proclaimed.

Until next time Ocean. Until next time.


Lara H. said...

Looks like fun! :)

Cathy said...

I love it when the kids are big enough enjoy the beach.

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