It's August. I can't believe it,  whenever it hits August I believe I will survive to see the fall and cooler weather, even if it is still 2 months away. Ty's birthday is at the end of September and it's still triple digits then too. Phoebe is already talking about her birthday and the girls are desperately waiting to hear who their teachers are and where their friends will be also.

I took the month of July off of teaching Zumba, I was frazzled and spent and needed a break. They usually resurface the floors for two of those weeks, so it was perfect timing.

Well, once I took out my regular cardio exercise (which is funny, because I never really imagined it counting) I went kaput. I wasn't motivated to lift weights anymore, or eat normal or even socialize. Mentally and physically I turned to mush. I am out of shape! But hey, nothing like being mortal and getting in shape in front of a crowd of people right? I'm used to it, and luckily my class loves me (at least I wish and desperately hope they do).

In other news, Rodney is a parrot and will repeat absolutely every word you say (so be careful).  His latest trick is "shunting up" his trucks and trains. Something he learned from Thomas the Tank Engine. Well, "shunt up!" sounds a lot like something else. And in church he's merrily shouting at his cars "Shunt up! shunt up!"  That was awkward.

But not as awkward as the one time I leaned Phoebe over in the pew to check her diaper (there was a funky smell around) and accidentally pushed her head first off the pew and almost pulled her diaper  all the way up and off. Luckily only Brad Whiting witnessed that fiasco. Embarrassing! Poor Phoebes, she didn't even cry she just looked at me quizzically and said, "mom?".
Wishing we were back here...

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