first day 2013

It's over. Done. Kaput. First lunches made and (semi) eaten. First day jitters over, (for everyone). We all survived. Everyone has been asking for weeks, "are you ready? are you ready?" to which I would reply "actually, yes!". The leggings and shirts and socks with holes and stains replaced. School supplies for the classroom purchased. Forms filled out. Schedule in place. All we had to do was get up, eat, piano practice, get dressed and get to school.

Ok, honestly though? The sadness hit as they ran away from the house. And trust me, they ran! I'm hoping not because they wanted to leave me so soon. But we took these pictures and were late. ha. So much for being ready right? As we got home Phoebe said, "Abby said she's gonna miss me all day today" and that broke my heart. Of course sweet Abby would say something like that.

 And there we were, just the three of us at home all day long. What would we do? Don't worry, we improvised and I got a lot of cleaning and cooking done and even practices writing our names if we were three years old. And we might have watched a little too much Barney for public health if we were two years old. Hooray!
 Thankfully Great Grandpa irrigated and provided instant and distracting entertainment for the littles.


Whitney Baldwin said...

I know I've never met these kiddos in real life, but it seems to me you hit the jackpot with these kids. So cute and sweet.

Chandra said...

What adorable kids!

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