seen and heard

1. We went up to Mt. Kolob for a fun day with our ward. The kids were in heaven and I loved catching up with friends. We all went down the water slide, ate three types of cobbler and listened to Harry Potter on the drive. 

I'm always at peace on a mountain.

Driving last week we saw a circle of crows over a field.

"Uh oh,"  I said, "Something must have died".

"I hope it's not a horse" Lucy said.

"I hope it's not a cow" Abby said.

"I hope it's not a Unicorn!!" Phoebe yelled.

Aunt Sarah said, "I"m 100% sure it's not a unicorn Phoebes."

I wish we were all 3 year olds sometimes. But not at bedtime. Hehe.

3. We had friends visit all weekend and it was great to catch up with the Erkillas and Warburtons.

4. Aunt Taryn and uncle Shane are  moving this week so we finally had them over for dinner. It was a wonderful visit with no burnt food or crying kids. Success! We will miss them, but they won't be too far away.

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