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We are back to school and falling into the groove, and guess what? I love it.  I miss Abby terribly, our lunches together and quiet times were wonderful. But she is ready for all day and she loves it. Lucy thrives at school, although her nail biting reminds me that her anxiety peaks in the beginning of anything new.

We had a lazy, lazy, LAZY Labor Day and I relished it completely. I still worked out and we swam for a bit, but other than that? Nada.  Even Lucy said, "mom you look dead". And I didn't care. It was wonderful to wear sweat pants all day and my hair mishymashy. Not like I dress up everyday, but you know, whatever.

But my days with Rodney and Phoebe? I adore. The mornings are spent exploring and running errands together and then they both are napping 2-3hrs a day. So, hello!? I have no excuse to not get things done around here. It's wonderful.  I started a beast of a book, John Adams (we loved the movie on John Adams), and I love it, even if I can only handle half a chapter at a time.

I can even see myself maybe baking again? And I felt wonderful enough to have girl's night with my ward friends and holy cow! Did I need that or what? (hint: i did)

We have a busy week ahead, but it will be fun.

Speaking of back to school and first days, my first day of high school I accidentally walked into a Calculus class with Juniors and Seniors. I thought my life was over, it was so embarrassing! Funny what my problems were back then. haha.

Speaking of problems. I think Ty's church clothes might be laced with magical sleeping dust. It's amazing the effect that tie has on him.

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