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Life is falling into a groove around here. School, soccer, piano, ballet, homework, practice, chores, breakfast, lunch, dinner, laundry, cleaning, organizing, planning, teaching, working, churching, reading, studying.

It's a lot, but I'm enjoying this stage more than I thought. I was actually petrified of Lucy starting sports. It's so much time! And driving! And what if she doesn't like soccer? Because it's a huge part of my life, I can't imagine having a child that hates it, but it's highly probable.

Guess what? She loves it. And so do we! She has a great coach and kind and hard working girls on her team. The fact that she has never played doesn't even matter, which is a huge relief. She's at the perfect age where she is willing and eager to learn and try. Which makes sense, my ballet teachers always said the perfect age to start dancing is 8 also. They are mentally mature enough to work hard and problem solve and their muscles are mature enough to develop muscle memory and coordination, and keep it.

The games are fun to attend as a family. I can't help yelling the whole time for the team! But I'm positive! And I cheer everyone! But it is so hard to watch the games. I imagine watching softball, volleyball or basketball won't be difficult as I am horrible at all of those sports. But soccer? Ole! Ole! Ole!

The girls are both happy with their teachers. They dislike the bus ride home but love the bus ride to school because they are guaranteed playing time on the monkey bars.

Phoebe and Rodney are still wonderful in the day (JINXING MYSELF RIGHT NOW). They are happily entertained with the simple things in life and that makes my life easy.

Zumba is going well but teaching at night is getting more and more difficult. When the kids were little, my days were a marathon, and nights a walk in the park.  And slowly but surely, the girls' needs as they get older are different. My days are easier and my afternoon and nights are when I have to be on the ball. I have to stay calm during homework, have a snack ready, coordinate car schedules and pick ups, dinner, bedtime routines and being there for them to talk to me.

It's interesting how it changes, and will keep changing over the years. I'm grateful the girls are resilient and patient with our lack of parental abilities. We are at a happy spot right now and I'm soaking it in (AGAIN JINXING MYSELF).

Ty isn't dying in the heat anymore and that makes a world of difference at home. In the summer months I pretty much give him a wide berth when he arrives home. I can't even imagine working outside 10hours a day. Now he isn't falling asleep immediately as he walks in (well, most days. ha), he can play with the kids and ride bikes too. When I think of the builders of the nation I think of all the men out there, heat, cold, snow rain building all the buildings and lights and roads that we couldn't live without.

And, the most wonderful news of all? There is a cool breeze in the morning and night. That's right, a cool, crisp breeze. Be still my beating heart, it's FALL!
Which means riding our bikes every morning and evening

My favorite season has arrived, and so has birthday season. I'll be swamped for the next 3 months. But it's a good kind of swamped, I wouldn't trade it for anything. Tata for now.

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