This past weekend Renee and I had a chance to hang out in Viva las Vegas and catch up. It was wonderful, I am so grateful for her friendship and that she let me get out of the house for a night! Ha! Even though we didn't get in a run (which would have made it perfect) and we didn't go clubbing (with our free tickets from the guy with awesome chops), it was woooooonderful!

Downtown Vegas is dirty and gross and absolutely fascinating all at once. The art exhibits and shows and restaurants are amazing. The people watching beats Disneyland by one thousand percent, but afterwards you want to forget most of what you saw. We were there on a fight night and Mexican Independence Day. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow.

I was more than happy to come home to my simple home and hug my family. It was great to have a break, and to catch up. And after 18hrs w a Canadian I wanted to say "eh" so badly. Hehe.

Next time Stephanie Perrin, you better come too. NYC? :)

 The Bellagio water fountain show never fails to impress. 
 Our only picture! ah! We ate here and it was pretty good.
Our view from the hotel room, right over the Bellagio fountains, not too shabby eh.
See, I said eh!

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