My mother often referenced the "chapters" in her life book. And just like a book, when one chapter ends, another begins, and it goes on and on and on. My first chapter, was new (frazzled, stressed out, neurotic and perfectionist) mom. Second chapter new mom with two children who thinks she knows everything. Third chapter, mom with preschooler and two at home who still thinks she knows everything. Fourth chapter, mom with elementary school children and little children at home and no clue what's going on.

I know the chapters will keep ending, and changing. There are a few that I am a little timid about experiencing. Namely, and not in any particular order, "Middle School", "Dating", "Puberty (Hello, 3 girls)" and "Empty Nester without grandchildren."

Right now I feel as though one chapter is closing on us, and that is having all of our children "little".  I think I will often look back at these as the golden chapters. They all still adore us, and want our attention 24/7. They all want us to hold them and praise them and read to them and tuck them in.  As exhausting as this section of my book is, it is a dear one to my heart. All the characters are developing quite nicely and it is humorous enough to keep me going.

But my role in it is confusing. It's as though the older ones are needing me even more now. A fact I thought almost impossible after trudging through getting the swine flu post partum and nursing a newborn with same said swine flu (true and horrific story).

Now we have sports this year. To be honest, I kind of dreaded starting the "sports" chapter that is a very long one. Even though I always loved sports growing up, and so did Ty, I disliked the schedule and driving and night games. But once it started? It was lovely. We loved going as a family and watching Lucy play and learn how to work with a team. It didn't hurt that her first season her team went undefeated either. I helped out a little with the coaching and remember how much I love soccer, my first love. And I enjoy teaching it too.

I'm sure I'm not the only mom that feels like taffy being pulled everywhere, and I know I could ask everyone how they do it all and how they choose to keep it simple and I would receive a million different answers. For now, I'm going to figure it out and try to keep choosing the right path in this chapter, and the ones to come.

The Blue Dolphins! and their awesome coach Jenny.

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